2020 (Non-Season at Camp Isolation)

2020 corona seasonBeen a moment, but just like The McRib… I’m back!

As corona sales plummet around the globe, Studio Table-Bleu is happy, healthy (fingers x-ed), and staying comfortably productive, in isolation camp mode. After a bizarre mix of starting line itineraries at the beginning of the yr, now back to pulling swing shifts and catching up, whilst observing daily tea time(s), prayers to the food clock, and fucking chillin’ indoors-ah.

Performed a quick Operation: Drag n’ Drop on the site and store, so there’s some newness here and there. And more forthcoming. Ahhh, Aaand, Asides from that…


Picking up the Pace Picante (“…get a rope.“) on some collab action including…

-FlyMart w/ Goatmother Industrial… our forthcoming printed tribute to SkyMall.
-Street Terms: Vol. 3 w/ Elaina Morgan. Have newly acquired plastic gold letters, will neu-scrabble.
-New Crab-labrative postal art books w/ thee Crab Jackson.
-Compiling 2 decades of sound art/poetry recordings ala Shane Aubrey Edge.
-Casually pulling out all the shelved boxes and tapes w/ the usual suspects, and building new plans in some yet uncharted water bowls…

Asides, doing whatever, w/ what we have, when we want. Also a terrific op to do some ear-strengthening, bust out some noise-makers, teach my dolphin how to snore, and Count My Dressings…..walmart-girards-dressing



Before the plague made everything tired date on the events page, pulled off a few adventures, starting w/ a skip-hop around the Middle West reading about crying, from the recent Rebel Hands Press title Cry List, w/ fellow contributors William Joseph Gass and Sammi Skolmoski, endinging here in LA w/ a very nice presentation @ Poetic Research Bureau w/ crier Chelsea Rector. 79642927_10220965223470506_1844205626293485568_nRead and worked w/ so many terrific readers/writers/performers/noisemakers/pals… writing off all those bottles of Jameson as props.

On the sound-making front, Chris Brian Taylor and I pulled down a few Morning Candy scuffles, Cali style, in the bay / LA. Taser line-ups n’ hosts. We’ll be jammin’ outside our respective caves after the live improvised music ban is lifted. Morning Candy Cover_SC2Meanwhilst, Morning Candy is now finally out there for the ear grabbing in cassette or digi format, from fmsmprc! Plus, working up a few nice pieces with pals near and abroad!

And yessss! Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic, the art book extension of the collaborative series of encaustic diptychs by Katie Herzog + Andrew Choate, is very out there! EEE-2_smThanks to The Pop-Hop and Skylight Books for hosting our launch events, and the contributors and performers who joined in the fun. More-Then…

*Whilst most book stores are currently quite closed, the internet is still open (for now). Don’t have to raincheck yo self. Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic, Cry List, and other RHP titles are very available to yr disinfected doorstep, fromth ye online shoppe… barring they don’t shut down the post office.

Everything’s for sale. That’s the T-B motto. Just check the online store, or just ask… Painting, prints, sounds, arty book things and… “other”.

Commissions welcome as well — a collection of paintings of you and yr siblings dressed in lingerie per se? Done.

Also, anybody wanna buy some weed?
Be rad, and may Chewbacca be with you.

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