shadow instinct

This series owes to my exposure to artist j. shelley harrison’s post-psychogeographical “flocking” project, and consideration of my own unconscious behavior.

ABOUT: intense sun _ Los Angeles _ pedestrian _ walking _ flocking _ waiting _ crosswalk _ bus stop _ shadow _ light pole _ street sign _ any _ go to _ there _ automatic _ reflex _ instinct 

When I realize it.

This series of cyanotype prints, a product of my mini-residency at Mark Rice and Lauren Pakradooni’s art space in Philadelphia, presented the best method to present bits of my “shadow instinct” documentation. Where the sun is still at play.

shadow instinct package“shadow instinct – volume 1″ package (four 13″ x 11” prints in screen printed linen paper  packaging) available HERE or by contacting.

shadow instinct 1shadow instinct 2shadow instinct 3shadow instinct 4shadow instinct 5