2020 (Non-Season at Camp Isolation)

2020 corona seasonBeen a moment, but just like The McRib… I’m back!

As corona sales plummet around the globe, Studio Table-Bleu is happy, healthy (fingers x-ed), and staying comfortably productive, in isolation camp mode. After a bizarre mix of starting line itineraries at the beginning of the yr, now back to pulling swing shifts and catching up, whilst observing daily tea time(s), prayers to the food clock, and fucking chillin’ indoors-ah.

Performed a quick Operation: Drag n’ Drop on the site and store, so there’s some newness here and there. And more forthcoming. Ahhh, Aaand, Asides from that…


Picking up the Pace Picante (“…get a rope.“) on some collab action including…

-FlyMart w/ Goatmother Industrial… our forthcoming printed tribute to SkyMall.
-Street Terms: Vol. 3 w/ Elaina Morgan. Have newly acquired plastic gold letters, will neu-scrabble.
-New Crab-labrative postal art books w/ thee Crab Jackson.
-Compiling 2 decades of sound art/poetry recordings ala Shane Aubrey Edge.
-Casually pulling out all the shelved boxes and tapes w/ the usual suspects, and building new plans in some yet uncharted water bowls…

Asides, doing whatever, w/ what we have, when we want. Also a terrific op to do some ear-strengthening, bust out some noise-makers, teach my dolphin how to snore, and Count My Dressings…..walmart-girards-dressing



Before the plague made everything tired date on the events page, pulled off a few adventures, starting w/ a skip-hop around the Middle West reading about crying, from the recent Rebel Hands Press title Cry List, w/ fellow contributors William Joseph Gass and Sammi Skolmoski, endinging here in LA w/ a very nice presentation @ Poetic Research Bureau w/ crier Chelsea Rector. 79642927_10220965223470506_1844205626293485568_nRead and worked w/ so many terrific readers/writers/performers/noisemakers/pals… writing off all those bottles of Jameson as props.

On the sound-making front, Chris Brian Taylor and I pulled down a few Morning Candy scuffles, Cali style, in the bay / LA. Taser line-ups n’ hosts. We’ll be jammin’ outside our respective caves after the live improvised music ban is lifted. Morning Candy Cover_SC2Meanwhilst, Morning Candy is now finally out there for the ear grabbing in cassette or digi format, from fmsmprc! Plus, working up a few nice pieces with pals near and abroad!

And yessss! Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic, the art book extension of the collaborative series of encaustic diptychs by Katie Herzog + Andrew Choate, is very out there! EEE-2_smThanks to The Pop-Hop and Skylight Books for hosting our launch events, and the contributors and performers who joined in the fun. More-Then…

*Whilst most book stores are currently quite closed, the internet is still open (for now). Don’t have to raincheck yo self. Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic, Cry List, and other RHP titles are very available to yr disinfected doorstep, fromth ye online shoppe… barring they don’t shut down the post office.

Everything’s for sale. That’s the T-B motto. Just check the online store, or just ask… Painting, prints, sounds, arty book things and… “other”.

Commissions welcome as well — a collection of paintings of you and yr siblings dressed in lingerie per se? Done.

Also, anybody wanna buy some weed?
Be rad, and may Chewbacca be with you.


2019 (Earthquake Season)

2019 season summer
Still doing almost my best to pull down new works here at Table-Blue…
Definitely not sitting on my ass, nor did I burn too many evenings watching Fleabag.
Most recent on deck, “Cry List” ala Rebel Hands Press. A collection of essays and poetry by contributors: Chelsea Rector, Jamie Iacoli, Jeremy Kennedy, Sammi Skolmoski, William Joseph Gass. Featuring photography Ang Wilson.
It’s about crying, and/or why crying. 
Cheers for tears! Issue tissues!
I’ll be helping explain it via a few readings in LA, as well as in August where I’ll be skipping about the Middle-west with other criers and special guests!
Speaking of RHP… “Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic”, an art book by Katie Herzog and Andrew Choate‘s collaborative series of encaustic diptychs of the same name, depicting and refracting signage in and around Los Angeles will be forthcoming August. Featuring essays by Kenneth Lapatin, Carol Cheh, Mace Ojala, Blanca Pujals and the artists themselves, with introduction by curator Deb Klowden Mann. Release and event dates very forthcoming!
Soaked Summer Art Sale 2019  is damn on for July! So, if you didn’t blow up all yr firework money the other nite, paintings / prints / photos / junk /etc. very available! If not listed, just check me out! Yo! Tick-tock, no socks, dig?
All proceeds go towards keeping studio T-B going, and my 2020 Presidential Champagne! If ya didn’t hear… my announcement video.
Prints and OG work still available from Insert Blanc Press from my Familiar Laundry exhibition earlier this year! Check it!
Sound-making… still jamming with lots of amazing cats from both abroad, and right here in the greater Los Angeles area… including Chris Brian Taylor. Our debut duo cassette “Morning Candy” coming soon, hear’s a taster…
Morning Candy Cover_SC2
Trying to keep up w/ the collab pals! So much on the boards! 2-D/3-D/Publications/Performance/Video/Sounds. Yes.
For next my b-day, all I wish for is more time… and a Roomba.
Remember, vote Kennedy! (or not)

2019 (Season 1)

2018 season doneLast year certainly whirled my wind. A ton of totally taser times. Some of the sprinkles whispered from table-blue…

Familiar Laundry

November 23, 2018-January 18, 2019

General Projects / Los Angeles46796543_10155508762171511_9022706577760583680_oMy first solo gallery show in Los Angeles. Terrific opening, followed by [We brought our coffee], an evening of plays by Ms. Chelsea Rector and I, and closed it out with a session of Philosophy Coaching presented by Andrew Choate and me, myself.

Throughout the duration, we’ve had a grand time tossin’ some King Tackle (customized kubb) on a pitch set up in the adjacent, and very appropriately named, Outside Gallery. 46648905_10155514343256511_1359707889098293248_nMy favorite non-athletic game, thanks to one Mark Rice. After years, I finally built my own set (a little retouching needed), but Goatmother Industrial is the go to. Grab your own batons there, and Spray the Hooray! Though the show is no longer viewable on the walls, and clotheslines, and hooks, and pedestal, and floor, prints and original works from the core collection are still very fucking available in limited edition at: https://www.insertblancpress.net/collections/prints

Speaking of online purchasing power, rad pals at Pressure Club in Philly now have an online store set up where folks can find the weave dreaming I had the op to collaboratively pull there awhile back, plus other really terrific work from the printshop.weave dreamer 1

Play things… Ms. Chelsea Rector and I (DBA: P/Sicho Street Theatre Company) will be rolling out our newest experimental production “Frosted”, roughly based on the hit Disney film “Frozen“, a lil’ later this year. In the meantime, here’s video footage of our play “Shopping Problems” from 8.25.2018, shot by Mathew Timmons, featuring Andrew Choate, Jen Bruce, Rebecca Ramirez, Jacob and Joshua, with musical arrangement by Ang Wilson.

On the image making front moving forward, I’m getting back to it. Work with Crab Jackson on some mail box collab’s, plus forward movement style on a tased series with Rob Hessler. Continued, and we’ll tell you and all your idiot friends all about it!

Also! Do miss Skymall as much as Mark Rice and do?! Seriously doubt it, but that’s not going to stop us from saving Earth’s lower atmosphere from the unjustified drought of that particular blacked-out, pressurized cabin, dream machine. Hold your breath.

Speaking of droughts, Rebel Hand Press will see some action this year! Yes! Some fucking incredible projects on deck, and hopefully some $$$ to get them in print! Too much terrific material came through the studio door later last year. More on it soon, but it’ll be damn on… in the meantime, check out the current material. Yahweh knows we aren’t doing any fucking book fairs any time soon.

Sounds. There will also be more sounds.

Is the sun past the yard arm? If so, please tell me what that means.

*BTW’s, my birthday is over, but still need a Roomba… and a new job. Thx!

Familiar Laundry


Familiar Laundry at General Projects will be my first solo gallery show in Los Angeles, and I’m pleased as a clam about it!

Opening info is detailed below, plus we’ll be hosting open hours on Thursdays 7-9pm throughout the duration of the show. There will also be a customized kubb (King Tackle) pitch set up in the adjacent Outside Gallery for anyone interested in a match of one of my favorite non-athletic games.

In addition to all that action, we’ll be programming several events, starting Friday December 7th with an evening of short plays by Ms. Chelsea Rector and myself (DBA: P/Sicho Street Theatre Company). Future events TBA. Come get clotheslined with me, it’ll be taser factory.

Familiar Laundry

Jeremy Kennedy

November 23, 2018-January 18, 2019


General Projects

3611 Pomona St.

Los Angeles, CA 90031


Opening on Black Friday, November 23rd 7-10pm

Open Hours: Thursdays 7-9pm

Insert Blanc Press is pleased to announce a new exhibition opening at General Projects: Familiar Laundry by Jeremy Kennedy.

The exhibition includes a Series of 7 Original Works on Paper and a Limited Edition of hand prepared Archival Inkjet Prints, plus a collection of additional works on paper, sculptural pieces and documents from the artist’s studio, Table Blue.

The series of originals and limited edition hand prepared works will be available for sale at at the opening on Black Friday, November 23rd, 2018 and on the Insert Blanc Press website.

The installation of Familiar Laundry at General Projects evokes an experience of the artist’s studio, the warmth and welcoming environment as well as the biting humor and caustic wit often found in his extensive collection of works from over the past decade. Kennedy’s multi-disciplinary catalog draws heavily from a core of uniquely designed humor and word-play. Kennedy continually builds, and maintains a heavy focus on the power of collaboration and the importance of relatable conceptual references.

Since the late 1990’s, Jeremy Kennedy (b. 01.01.1980) has been creating and exhibiting art and ideas in both community and academic settings. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2009, the largely self-taught artist spent over a decade living and working in Bloomington, Indiana.

His pieces and projects have been featured in publications and journals internationally, and in galleries, streets, backyards, and basements across the U.S.

Kennedy is an active sound maker, co-founder and playwright with P/Sicho Street Theatre Company, and he is a founding editor of Rebel Hands Press.

General Projects Open Hours: Thursdays 7-9pm 

Also open for events or by appointment

email insertpress@gmail.com

Visit the General Projects blog for more information…

2018 (A Midsummer Fight Scene)

2017 season 3

Just paid for this thing, so felt there should at least be an attempt to try to update it (a bit)…

How do we say, more talk and planning than evidence throughout the winter/spring seasonings, and sure, there’s still a lotta cucumber water between here and the surface… SOON! That said, there is new work up in the usual sectors here, as well as at the online shop thing, which currently features a terrific selection of deals, because stuff and things!

Some recent styles…

Collab pal Chelsea Rector and I presented our new 3 act play “The Week of Welcome”, starring Jen Bruce and Andrew Choate, with o.g. score by Ang Wilson (a.k.a.: teasips ). Thanks to Rebecca and Monica Ramirez for hosting (again) and being our house managers, and to everyone who came out!the week of welcome_clip

Looking fwd to our next work, “Shopping Problems”, coming soon from (d.b.a.: The P/Sicho Street Theatre Company)…

Hey! I have a drum kit again!! Which came in real handy when asked to throw down on some recordings w/ visiting bassist Joe Williamson, Ms. ‘sips, Andrew Choate and Conrad Freiburg. Recordings, collab art projects? More on all of that in just a bit…

Currently climbing outta a bit of unexpected downtime, but Rebel Hands Press will be heavy back in action this fall/winter with at least 2 new titles. Still plenty of terrific books available ’til then!

Re-motivating / reorganizing stuff and things at Studio Blu da Tavolo and continuing solo work, including a presentation on the essential qualities of “music videos“, as well as gearing up to get back on some collaborative jams w/ rad art pals Rob Hessler and Crab Jackson… and much more probably.

Aside from that, more absurd flyers forthcoming, as well as more all around action in the Los Angeles area over the next few whatever’s. Maybe even a few rounds of kubb (a.k.a: Shit Arm)! 

Final note, happy as a clam about the cover design I got to do for this recent LP by the very taser percussionist / composer Matt Weston, happier to hear it.You can too!31096948_10156865294804316_3434602372138008576_n

Daydreaming on… A new website! Cuz this one still isn’t saving info on pieces and yeah, it’s a not even really a real site. Also, Batmanistan! (No, it’s not a musical)

Every person has a past. Never accept their business cards.


2017 (Season: Final)

t-b market crash 2017Wow. So much taser action from (or related to) la table de studio bleu these past months, I’m just gonna have to break down…

Rebel Hands Press: The West Coast office has been way activized by way of these 2 new limited edition releases:

rhp profile

“NOTE TO SEA” – a book where the words of Salt Lake City based writer Aaron Beasley + imagery ala Jeremy Kennedy (me) find a common alee. Core components. Beautiful take on it from the ever damn on eyes of The Unwrinkled Ear hisself.

“A Horse With A Name” – 68 pages of experimental poetic formation by Justin Clifford Rhody. A terrifically timed and much desired extension to his conceptually brilliant photographic series “Only Chance Is Fair”.


Still slinging copies of recent titles such as “Street Terms: Vol. 2” w/ Elaina Morgan, “Lil’ Help? …” w/ Mark Rice, and “ARThritIS FLOCKING” kits by J. Shelley Harrison. All in house!

FMSMPRC: When we put something together, it’s gotta be a gem! Exhibit A: Soft Goals by: teasips. Audio art care, words of the age (THX: Ms. Chelsea), artful all around. Full about it in the release edition below, but we’re still rolling limited tape, with a live party in the works (w/ a “Z”).softgoalscassette4_sm

Collabs: Continuing work w/ Rob Hessler and Mr. Brennan. Looking Sharp! Also, the T-B shop is currently hosting some works by hermit artist bestie, Crab Jackson Like these super limited edition card sets + some pen-pal original art book meanderings. Check, check.

Studio Table-Blue (Home Office): Aside from aspiring to Bob Bert hair status in the spare moments, as evidenced above, we keep rolling out work. Currently feeling the effects of a performance bug. Short, snappy pieces, improvised in designed monotony with emotional flare. Awkward hugs to Ms. Jade Quinn for partnering up for the most recent at Collective Arts Incubator!

no thank you _2

New visual work up on here, and dialing in the storefront with new original pieces and archival prints for the: “Unemployed For The Holidays” sale event, happening now!… See something, don’t see something… just shout.

Everyday, Every time, Happy days in the life. May chewbacca be with you.


Very excited to announce that this charmed aural component of last years “Hotelevisions” installation is now a physical audio art element!softgoalscassette3_smSoft Goals was recorded live by the artist herself, in performance at “Hotelevisions”, a group art installation at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel (room #1157) in Los Angeles, CA. 10.22.2016.
14724479_10210911217846649_664489225005394915_nFrom her self-styled bed fort, Teasips casually captures and processes everything from the intimate crackling of a melting bucket of courtesy ice, to the classes surrounding movements in air conditioned ambience.
Her thoughtful employment of modular synth and subtle flute expressions guide the energy in the room.

Angela Frances Wilson (aka:  Teasips) is a Los Angeles-based composer/improviser. Her outpouring of work; be it solo, as one-half of the duo Electric Sound Bath, or any of her collaborative endeavors spread electronic and acoustic forms with a vibrant fluidity, sprinkled in new mystic energies.

50 minute cassette (white shell) / j-card + printed vellum insert / liner notes by Chelsea Rector.

Available here: https://fmsmprc.bandcamp.com/album/soft-goals

Track list:
-Side Enter: 25 minutes
-Side Exit: 25 minutes
Edition of 33.

2017 (post season 2)

2017 season 3Is this a Percocet? Taser. This’ll be brief…

Just returned from an incred mini-residency / relax at “Pressure Club” (the terrific, stacked up Philadelphia HQ of Goatmother Industrial + Ms. Lauren)… after hitting a lovely marina scene in MD. Learnt some stuff! Lil’ evidence below:

weave dreamer 1

Weave Dreamer – Dry Point + Silkscreen on Paper. Edition of 10

Rethought my ongoing “Shadow Instinct” project as Cyanotype Prints. Gotta a small batch of them done (w/ exit assist by the hosts becuz, no sun).

shadow instinct 3

Shadow Instinct #3 – Cyanotype Print

Up on here properly once I nail the packaging for the sets!

Then set off to the homeland, where Bengela and I applied the laying on of hands to help install this rad Crab Jackson action.


Mr. Jackson’s website, archival prints, and more single edition artbooks coming soon!

Back at studio table-blue, after a final blast off with some true besties. Gearing up, follow-ups + getting weird via collab works w/ the folks: Goatmother, Rob Hessler, Mr. Brennan, E. Morgan, Crab…

Justin Clifford Rhody’s “A Horse With A Name” very forthcoming from Rebel Hands Press + bound work by Aaron Beasley, and audio material by Teasips. Almost about that time.

Trying to tidily update the site, store, etc. WIP (done with that hashtag the moment I saw it). But yah, some freshness above.

To all the best hosts I know. So chain link! (Just picked that up… it means taser factory)… or is it chain-length? hmm. I’ll ask.

2017 (Yeah Season Yeah)

2017 season 2 300

I hate windy days, but here’s some stuff I like…

cover wall grass

4 starts, Elaina Morgan + I successfully launched the latest in our ongoing “Street Terms” art book series (now or soon to be cataloged in the MoMA library archive!) at Collective Arts Incubator here in LA, with huge helpings of hands from The Unwrinkled Ear + Ms. Summer.


Corey Fogel / Laura Steenberge / Andrew Choate

Like a years worth of work on our end towards this project all went down like a well executed drone strike, due in very, very huge part, to a lovely line-up of performers, sound-makers, voices: Jay Erker, Country Animal, the trio of Fogel/Steenberge/Choate, + E got in on the action duo mode with 1/2 of Electric Sound Bath (Mr. Brian Griffith).

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 7.18.39 PM

Jay Erker leading the choir.

Pretty rad setup… Everyone involved presented works utilizing the actual street terms from the books (see, collaboration. ya know?!), + we had the whole gallery to ourselves, so a bunch of the performers had visual work installed as well!

gallery view

gallery view


-“Street Terms: Vol. 2” New York launch in the works…

-“Soft Goals” by: Teasips… From last year’s “Hotelevisions” installation at the Bonaventure Hotel in DTLA. Working with co-curator Chelsea Rector + Ms. Sips herself to construct a fine vessel for this cracklingly calming performance, recorded live from a bed fort. (Audio Cassette)

-“A Horse With A Name” by: Justin Clifford Rhody… Currently strapping the tacs n’ the saddle for this collection of phrase poetics, gleaned trackside and curated by the artist. (Rebel Hands Press)

Meantime… Stomping further along the coast to coast collab art trails with Rob Hessler and Mr. Brennan, strong pieces… getting stronger.


studio table-blue (north wing). “wip’n”.

Also, been slow-boiling some bizarre original art books with Crab Jackson, who I will be hanging with / help hanging some brand-fucking-new work with for his solo exhibition this summer, after tracking back to the middle-west from Philly where I get to go realtime collab style with the Goatmother Industrial at their new HQ.

Lots of collab-oh audio recordings here, yet to be tested. New jams w/ Yosuke Kitazawa + recently waded out into the waters w/ visiting saxophonist/composer Jean-Luc Guionnet… bout to check the levels on that last minute Monday nite jam…

Happy with paintings this yr. to date (odd), so that section is upped herein. Not a lot, but just enuff… Have new sculptural goals getting caught in the vision web. Soon. iHope. We’re gonna need more bags.

Whenever any of the above’s go down, we’re gonna celebrate it…

The wind died slowly.

2017 (Season 1)

2017-season-1Terrific. That’s over…

Time to sew some new fields of phase atop a year’s worth of some very taser wins, and plow under a few finely crafted defeats…

Breaking out the barn glue here with a few adjustments + additions, including a bit of pho-to-graph-ic evidence from the Hotelevisions group art event I helped curate with Ms. Chelsea. A roomful of fab artists for certain (soundtrack from the evening hopefully forthcoming)!

Also got around to setting up ye olde online shoppe. A fully functioning hovel harnessing a few fun items. Get the reliability and absurdity you’ve come to trust from Studio Table-Blue, now at the click of a button.

Speaking of the studio (conveniently located right off Sunset Blvd in LA, CA… within quick walking distance of 2 ((TWO)) massage parlors)… still rolling in (more organized) heaps of all around works, as well as maintaining rad collabs with the Goatmother, Rob Hessler, Crab Jackson, Mr. Brennan… the list is growing. Unveiled when the times are right.

flocking_20kit_originalWhile “Lil’ Help?” and the biege pyscho-dynamics of “The ARThritIS Flocking Kit” (pictured above) are still stronging it up HERE, new spring era books from Rebel Hands Press are in the works. “Street Terms: Vol. 2” by Elaina Morgan + Jeremy Kennedy and Justin Clifford Rhody’s “A Horse With A Name” coming soon!

Look for us live in a few months…

Oh yeah, this year’s gonna be a bag of torched junk as well. Hope you know that… just put avocado on it.