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Jeremy Kennedy
  • b. 01.01.1980
  • current: los angeles, california
  • past: bloomington, indiana
  • multi-disciplinary conceptual visual and performing artist, sound-maker, writer, editor, occasional curator.

Solo Exhibitions:
  • there’s a wrong time for everything, the i fell building, bloomington, in
  • how can you hear anything with all those clothes on?, the back door, bloomington, in
  • the cooking of spam in portugal, white vinyl, miami, fl
  • delete, hospital, bloomington, in
  • 4 Cell, fuller projects, bloomington, in
  • leftovers from the last supper (+ collaborative audio installation with john dawson), hospital, bloomington, in
  • taste on the range, hospital, bloomington, in
  • recent works, the runcible spoon, bloomington, in
  • table-blue super spaghetti, boxcar books & community center, bloomington, in
  • mondo delgado, bloomington, in
  • soccer needs cheerleaders (+ sound installation), big car gallery, indianapolis, in
  • what do you want the wizard to do? (+ collaborative sound performance with aurora dorealis), boxcar books & community center, bloomington, in
  • super eat (+ collaborative sound installation with leah yeppi), relaxation center, bloomington, in
Collaborative Exhibition:
  • feral dynamics (with ivy siosi, audim culver, elaina morgan) the church collective space, bloomington, in
  • righterovers (with elaina morgan) the owlery, bloomington, in
  • simple is best (with siosi design + build), fell building, bloomington, in
  • entrance(d), as (knee shy), DIY Gallery, los angeles, ca
  • background suicide EP ,as (aliens of the devil), DIY Gallery, los angeles, ca
  • the sound of wall, as (knee shy), origami vinyl, los angeles, ca
  • no, thank you, as (knee shy), the ritual room, bloomington, in
  • 5|7|5, as (knee shy), greek’s pizzeria, bloomington, in
  • parking permit II, as (knee shy), downtown bloomington, in
  • Ctrl+Alt+Design, as (knee shy), ouch my eye, seattle, wa
  • .get permanent result. (with jinojonjim art collaborative and solo exhibition), big car gallery, indianapolis, in
  • parking permit, as (knee shy), downtown bloomington, in
  • CooKout II, as (knee shy), [also co-curator], 804 s. rogers st., bloomington, in
  • courtesy call, as (knee shy), [also co-curator], courtyard by marriot, room #500, bloomington, in
  • attractive men star in popular movie playing in many theaters (with jinjonjim art collaborative and solo exhibition), hospital, bloomington, in
  • CooKout, as (knee shy), [also co-curator], 804 s. rogers st., bloomington, in
  • kidnapped, as (knee shy), 804 s. rogers st., bloomington, in
  • room service, as (knee shy), courtyard by marriot, room #500, bloomington, in
  • options for good ideas, as (knee shy), bloomington convention center, bloomington, in
  • pardon our eleven fragile titles, as (knee shy), hospital, bloomington, in
  • flying by the seat of our pants, as (knee shy), [also co-curator], hospital, bloomington, in
  • underwater gold (with shane edge), boxcar books & community center, bloomington, in
  • collaborative exhibition with christopher resnick, space 101, bloomington, in
  • collaborative exhibition with christopher resnick, boxcar books & community center, bloomington, in

Group Exhibitions:


  • street terms volume: 2 – book launch event [as co-curator with the unwrinkled ear concert series and elaina morgan], collective arts incubator, los angeles, ca


  • hotelevisions [as co-curator with chelsea rector], westin bonaveture hotel, los angeles, ca 


  • artists across america, flower pepper gallery, pasadena, ca


  • THE VOODOO YOODOO international art sorcery, the projection museum, portland, or
  • the museum of destiny, the museum of destiny, los angeles, ca
  • the burning leaves of autumn, krishna kumar gallery, los angeles, ca
  • bohemian LA, krishna kumar gallery, los angeles, ca
  • allston yacht club, los angeles, ca
  • bookstore, drift station gallery, lincoln, ne
  • tears & ecstasy, sancho art space, los angeles, ca
  • transient bloomington, space 101, bloomington, in
  • museum of broken relationships, SoFA gallery, bloomington, in
  • group art exhibition, catalyst art space, los angeles, ca
  • group art exhibition, daydream republic, los angeles, ca
  • group summer art event [also co-curator], hospital / bloomington, in
  • Ctrl+Alt+Design, ouch my eye, seattle, wa
  • a place for everything, everything in it’s place, fuller projects, bloomington, in
  • holiday studio, [also co-curator], robb stone studio, bloomington, in
  • hospital grand re-opening show, hospital, bloomington, in
  • CooKout II, [also co-curator], 804 s. rogers, bloomington, in
  • courtesy call, [also co-curator], courtyard by marriott, room #500, bloomington, in
  • holiday art thing, hospital, bloomington, in
  • CooKout, [also co-curator], 804 s. rogers st., bloomington, in
  • silent auction, hospital, bloomington, in
  • j. shelley harrison & jeremy kennedy (shared solo exhibition), big car gallery, indianapolis, in
Audio Projects, Bands, Etc
  • multi-instrumental improvisor, performing in solo and collaborative settings, live and recorded. past efforts include projects such as puppy vs. dyslexia, ground-ups, the kwop organization, rapider than horsepower, and others.
Books, Publication, Etc (list incomplete)
  • NOTE TO SEA (with aaron beasley), rebel hands press, 2017
  • street terms: volume 2 (with elaina morgan), rebel hands press, 2017
  • “lil’ help?”: a charming yet challenged version of the american masculine kitchen (with mark rice), rebel hands press, 2016
  • there’s a wrong time for everything (companion book to art exhibition of the same name), self-published, 2016
  • street terms: volume 1 (with elaina morgan + rebecca ramirez), rebel hands press, 2016
  • sea hunt: season 2 – episode 10, rebel hands press, 2015
  • the tao of jon (with lauren von gogh), 2013
  • american shredding (original art book series), rebel hands press, 2013
  • vegas (with jon bernad and lauren von gogh), 2012
  • the 2011 DOW flipbook, rebel hands press, 2012
  • river city ransom: a text only play-by-play account of the 1989 video game, as played by some guy., phiffer books, 2011
  • cheerleaderisms, rebel hands press, 2011
  • the POINT BREAK is… (with jeff moerchen and david smith), rebel hands press, 2011
  • indiana review (with crab jackson), indiana university press, 2005
  • contributor- drawings Issue two, friends and relatives records
  • cover art- drawings Issue one, friends and relatives records
  • “free flyer”- ongoing nationwide wide flyer based project
Video, Film, Etc
  • getting off., table blue brand, 2012
  • fanged. what?, aliens of the devil, 2010
  • brief info video, aliens of the devil, 2010
  • Bloomington Indiana Arts Documentary- maryellen may, produced by/for: BAAC & WFHB, 2009
  • beat., fmsmprc, 2002
  • smells like eagle spirit, fmsmprc, 2001

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