2019 (Earthquake Season)

2019 season summer
Still doing almost my best to pull down new works here at Table-Blue…
Definitely not sitting on my ass, nor did I burn too many evenings watching Fleabag.
Most recent on deck, “Cry List” ala Rebel Hands Press. A collection of essays and poetry by contributors: Chelsea Rector, Jamie Iacoli, Jeremy Kennedy, Sammi Skolmoski, William Joseph Gass. Featuring photography Ang Wilson.
It’s about crying, and/or why crying. 
Cheers for tears! Issue tissues!
I’ll be helping explain it via a few readings in LA, as well as in August where I’ll be skipping about the Middle-west with other criers and special guests!
Speaking of RHP… “Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic”, an art book by Katie Herzog and Andrew Choate‘s collaborative series of encaustic diptychs of the same name, depicting and refracting signage in and around Los Angeles will be forthcoming August. Featuring essays by Kenneth Lapatin, Carol Cheh, Mace Ojala, Blanca Pujals and the artists themselves, with introduction by curator Deb Klowden Mann. Release and event dates very forthcoming!
Soaked Summer Art Sale 2019  is damn on for July! So, if you didn’t blow up all yr firework money the other nite, paintings / prints / photos / junk /etc. very available! If not listed, just check me out! Yo! Tick-tock, no socks, dig?
All proceeds go towards keeping studio T-B going, and my 2020 Presidential Champagne! If ya didn’t hear… my announcement video.
Prints and OG work still available from Insert Blanc Press from my Familiar Laundry exhibition earlier this year! Check it!
Sound-making… still jamming with lots of amazing cats from both abroad, and right here in the greater Los Angeles area… including Chris Brian Taylor. Our debut duo cassette “Morning Candy” coming soon, hear’s a taster…
Morning Candy Cover_SC2
Trying to keep up w/ the collab pals! So much on the boards! 2-D/3-D/Publications/Performance/Video/Sounds. Yes.
For next my b-day, all I wish for is more time… and a Roomba.
Remember, vote Kennedy! (or not)

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