2018 (A Midsummer Fight Scene)

2017 season 3

Just paid for this thing, so felt there should at least be an attempt to try to update it (a bit)…

How do we say, more talk and planning than evidence throughout the winter/spring seasonings, and sure, there’s still a lotta cucumber water between here and the surface… SOON! That said, there is new work up in the usual sectors here, as well as at the online shop thing, which currently features a terrific selection of deals, because stuff and things!

Some recent styles…

Collab pal Chelsea Rector and I presented our new 3 act play “The Week of Welcome”, starring Jen Bruce and Andrew Choate, with o.g. score by Ang Wilson (a.k.a.: teasips ). Thanks to Rebecca and Monica Ramirez for hosting (again) and being our house managers, and to everyone who came out!the week of welcome_clip

Looking fwd to our next work, “Shopping Problems”, coming soon from (d.b.a.: The P/Sicho Street Theatre Company)…

Hey! I have a drum kit again!! Which came in real handy when asked to throw down on some recordings w/ visiting bassist Joe Williamson, Ms. ‘sips, Andrew Choate and Conrad Freiburg. Recordings, collab art projects? More on all of that in just a bit…

Currently climbing outta a bit of unexpected downtime, but Rebel Hands Press will be heavy back in action this fall/winter with at least 2 new titles. Still plenty of terrific books available ’til then!

Re-motivating / reorganizing stuff and things at Studio Blu da Tavolo and continuing solo work, including a presentation on the essential qualities of “music videos“, as well as gearing up to get back on some collaborative jams w/ rad art pals Rob Hessler and Crab Jackson… and much more probably.

Aside from that, more absurd flyers forthcoming, as well as more all around action in the Los Angeles area over the next few whatever’s. Maybe even a few rounds of kubb (a.k.a: Shit Arm)! 

Final note, happy as a clam about the cover design I got to do for this recent LP by the very taser percussionist / composer Matt Weston, happier to hear it.You can too!31096948_10156865294804316_3434602372138008576_n

Daydreaming on… A new website! Cuz this one still isn’t saving info on pieces and yeah, it’s a not even really a real site. Also, Batmanistan! (No, it’s not a musical)

Every person has a past. Never accept their business cards.



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