2016 (season 1)

t-b season 1 2016.jpg

let’s spring. after several months of studio affairs, superficiality, 2 batches of totally terrific chili, and spree of live-li-ness, our casualty radius keeps increasing…

updated- the usual paintings, photos, etc.

updates- airplane ticket —-> the middle-west, with this in tow:

flyer 1 flat sm.jpg


rebel hands press has been absolutely live with these actions:

street terms 1 cov_sm.jpg

launched proper w/ all artist in attendance + a fucking yes sound scape by LLULL. many thanks to insert blanc press for hosting up! “street terms: vol. 2” coming soon…

ssf release performance.jpg

artist guan rong, being SO DAMN ON!! w/ her performance at the launch of her book “spanish silver fox” at women’s center for creative work. they are doing very rad things.

plus, yeah! making soon to be heard sounds w/ some terrific local socal sound-makers, and managed to  throw down some sounds w/ tomo jacobson + sun araw…looked like this at beta level:Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.40.40 AM.png

plus plus carrying on a taser dialogue w/ j. brennan. so much good, sneak peek…jb jk collab.jpg

any extra sooooooo?

yeah here, w/ special ghosts like terry fresh from gross air, and yosuke sharing some taser island sounds + beyond.

continuing the levity w/ cuisine suggestions the goatmother. srsly, almost there. keep yr. teeth.soda pooh.png


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