2015 (Season 2-ish / #SUMMER)

t-b season 2

Missed the usual solstice update sched by a mile this time round, guess i was too busy worshipping the sun, lying on farm carpet, working on my “Chardonnay Laugh” and…yeah…fucking busy.

Alas….This site continues to deteriorate as my mac book gently weeps. So, i’m jus gonna keep adding stuff and things (new stuff and things as well as a few archive digs), in all the (un)usual sections + “available for purchase” zone.

Then there are the books… Guan Rong’s “Spanish Silver Fox” has just been sent to press (L.A. RELEASE PARTY TBA)! Also, in golden edit mode with Ms. E. Morgan, Ms. Lunch Skirt, whilst the Goatmother and I are bringing things to a boil in the kitchen w/ our upcoming food book, and Mr. Moerchen and I are still having fun faxing each other. In the interim this bit of fun happened: http://www.rebelhandspress.com/post/121799550084/sea-hunt-season-2-episode-10


Give it a check at Rebel Hands Press.

Into the onward!—-> Been over a year since I’ve had a proper show, so that’s gotta change. Solo styles, collab styles, + working several sharp angles with Blue Cut Dynamite (a.k.a.- J. Shelley Harrison). I rarely travel without some ulterior motive (art, noise-making, etc.), and have designs on the Northwest, the Bay-Bay, the NY, the Middlewest… sooner than later! we’ll see.

Know I’m forgetting like a ton of shit, but it’s martini time + I wanna go swimming. If you like to swim, you should go swimming too.

Do what you want to do. Don’t do what you don’t want to do.

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