2012 (season 4)

table-blue brand 2012S4E1

it just dawned on me that a fairly wicked summer is over. busy busy for surez. initial goals accomplished = 100%…fuck no, but yeah, c’est la vie. sacre bleu, whatev’s…it’s been real, and since i live in socal, switching from summer to fall doesn’t really make a difference to begin with!

some wildness, adventure, and new work and some other types of weird shit, like this yelp review: http://www.yelp.com/biz/earlez-grille-los-angeles#hrid:yr6dLk4XZIX5iR_jesYFdQ

it steady. working with some more-er rad folks than i have in a while, so expect results. also also also! there is some new action up on tha site, and more coming soon…including the long awaited spot where folks can buy shit! pieces, prints, etc…yeay!…soon.

happy halloween, if that’s important to you.

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